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Discover New Zealand

A New Zealand campervan or motorhome hire is one of the best ways to see New Zealand and save money at the same time. A great network of caravan parks exists throughout new Zealand and the campervan and motorhome industry is very sophisticated. it provides a wide range of vehicles for you to choose from and depots in the major cities and mobile back up services ensure that you are always well looked after. Hiring a campervan means you always have your accommodation with you which saves lots of money on your holiday. It also gives you the freedom to see all the major beauty spots as well as being able to travel off the beaten track to some of the more out of the way places that you may not otherwise see.

Campervan travel is a very popular way to see beautiful New Zealand. Campervans give you the travelling tourist the freedom to go wherever the wind takes you. There are numerous New Zealand campervan hire companies to choose from.

Pacific Horizon is one of the longest running motorhome operators in New Zealand. They cater for all budgets with a range of motorhomes to give you a sense of freedom, adventure and comfort. They offer motorhomes from 2 to 6 berth and are fully self-contained. You can pick-up your motohome at Auckland, Wellington, Picton or Christchurch depot, with good transfers from airport or city centre.
With all the conveniences of a home, you'll love the freedom that a motorhome offers.

KEA Campers is one of the largest campervan companies in New Zealand, it is now operating more than 1,200 luxury campervans and motorhomes. You can choose between a two, four or six berth campervan/motorhome, depending on how many people are travelling with you, how much room you need for comfort and what type of budget you have.
KEA Campers has two depots in New Zealand, one in the North Island - Auckland, and one in the South Island - Christchurch.

KEA Camper - KEA 4st/6stKEA Camper - KEA 2st

Britz is New Zealand's biggest campervan operator. The best way to experience New Zealand, with it's incredibly diverse country, is with an ultimate adventure machine - a Britz Campervan.
Britz offers campers like the HiTop for two people all the way through to motorhomes with a max of six passengers.
Britz Campers has 4 depot locations; Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch & Queenstown - this will give you more freedom to see New Zealand's best destinations.

Britz Camper - HiTopBritz Camper - Frontier

Apollo Campers has been operating in New Zealand for many years and they have a wide range of premium quality rental campers to offer clients. A self drive holiday is the most relaxing way to enjoy New Zealand's beautiful landscape and Apollo has vehicles to suit everyone - from couples to families.
Apollo Campervan Rentals has a depot in Auckland and Christchurch and has convenient transfers between the airport and depot.

Apollo Camper - 4 or 6 berthApollo Camper - 2 berth

Maui offers premium motorhomes and service, and is the largest motorhome rental company in New Zealand. There is no better way to discover New Zealand than behind the wheel of a motorhome. Explore amazing destinations at your own pace and accumilate fantastic memories that will last you a lifetime.
Maui Motorhomes offers vehicles with two, four and six berth, with all the creature comforts of a home.
Maui also has 4 depot locations; Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch & Queenstown, and they are only a short distance from their respective airport.

Maui Motorhome - Spirit 6Maui Motorhome - Spirit 2

This is definitely one of the best ways to see New Zealand so grab a map and start planning your motorhome or campervan route right now and then call us to help arrange the hire of your vehicle.

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